O2 Media Welcomes Fitness Expert Jamie Eason as Co-host for Mission Makeover

O2 Media | December, 20, 2014 | by
O2 Media Recently, O2 Media announced a new co-host for the award-winning Mission Makeover reality series. Fitness expert Jamie Eason will be alongside several women as they take on fitness and other challenges. Here, an O2 Media representative describes what makes Eason the perfect candidate to co-host Season 4.

Q: Mission Makeover Season 4 is scheduled to launch in February 2015.  Why did you decide to add Jamie Eason to this popular makeover series?

O2 Media: We are very excited to have Jamie Eason on our team! She is a fitness model, writer, creator of the popular LiveFit Trainer and former NFL cheerleader.  But most importantly, Jamie is a wife and mother whose life our viewers can relate to.

Q: What exactly is Mission Makeover and what will Jamie’s responsibilities be as a co-host?

O2 Media: Mission Makeover is a 13-week reality series that follows the powerful journey of women on a mission of a lifetime – to completely make over their lives in the areas of health, wellness and fitness. Jamie will get in the trenches out in the field alongside the six women on the Mission Makeover team as they take on fitness and other challenges. Celebrity host Julie Moran will continue to anchor the series as host from our production studios in South Florida.

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O2 Media on ‘Access Health’

O2 Media | November, 10, 2014 | by
O2 Media On Tuesday mornings, Lifetime TV is proud to present the informative and highly educational health and wellness program, Access Health. The program’s producing company, O2 Media, shares information on this exciting part of the Lifetime TV lineup.

Q: What is the goal of Access Health?

O2 Media: The mission of this program is to entertain and educate a diverse audience by discussing a wide range of health issues such as fitness, nutrition and medicine. At the outset of each episode, the hosts showcase a particular theme in the area of health and wellness that carries out over the course of 30 minutes.

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O2 Media Offers Extensive Line of Services

O2 Media | October, 10, 2014 | by
O2 Media More than an advocate for product placement, the team at O2 Media develops carefully crafted programming scripts to educate and improve the lives of families and communities around the United States. Over the span of 20 years, this production company has showcased an impressive cast of services and products that skillfully meet the needs and challenges of viewers who are striving for a better

experience. In this Q&A, founder Mark Alfieri steps in to discuss how O2 Media has utilized branded entertainment to explore an array of topics including health, wellness, technology, career, nutrition and more.

Q: What has made your company such a respected leader in the industry?

Mark Alfieri, O2 Media: As pioneers in the production industry, O2 Media offers some of the most vibrant and exciting branded entertainment for viewers in the United States. By presenting the image and personality of our brand partners, O2 Media continues to share important stories that transcend cultural and societal boundaries.

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O2 Media Whets Appetites with All Mixed Up

O2 Media | October, 05, 2014 | by
O2 Media

On the popular O2 Media show All Mixed Up, Executive Chef Ralph Pagano picks several of the culinary world’s brightest talents and offers them an opportunity to compete on a national stage for cash prizes and the chance to become the next All Mixed Up champion. O2 Media credits the program for attracting a wide audience while sharing many of the culinary traditions of our diverse world.

Q: Tell me more about the programming structure of All Mixed Up…

O2 Media: Each of the show’s episodes feature a particular food theme with an assemblage of ingredients. Chef Ralph Pagano presents a challenge by informing contestants that they must use a certain appliance, preparation style or additional ingredient for the completion of the dish.

Q: How has Chef Ralph Pagano influenced the culinary world?

O2 Media: Chef Ralph Pagano is a famed culinary master who has appeared on major TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Iron Chef. Before appearing as the lead personality of All Mixed Up, he hosted the popular series Pressure Cook. An acclaimed restaurateur, Pagano’s restaurant, Alba, has been ranked first in the greater Miami area by the Miami New Times and Trip Advisor.

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O2 Media Proudly Presents The Balancing Act

O2 Media | September, 30, 2014 | by
O2 Media

Now embarking upon its seventh year on Lifetime Television, the hit show The Balancing Act by O2 Media (7 a.m. ET, Monday – Friday) presents all the information and news that women need to know. With friendly and knowledgeable co-hosts Olga Villaverde and Julie Moran leading the charge, this magazine-style program takes a unique perspective on some of the most relevant and entertaining topics facing women today.

Q: How does The Balancing Act reach today’s woman?

O2 Media: The Balancing Act starts her day off right by engaging and entertaining viewers with valuable pieces of advice drawn from the leading experts in food, fashion, fitness, career, travel, health, home and family.

Q: Why is this program so integral to women’s lives, in your opinion?

O2 Media: Our exciting innovations allow viewers to be educated in the comfort of their own homes. A number of top services, products and brands are presented in a solutions-oriented fashion. Programs are based in the O2 Media Studio or at guest locations throughout the United States.

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Designing Spaces from O2 Media Celebrates Eleven Years

O2 Media | September, 01, 2014 | by

Now marking its 11th year on television, Designing Spaces from O2 Media continues to be recognized as a premier home improvement show for women. Airing Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Lifetime Television, the team from Designing Spaces / O2 Media travels across the United States redefining and redesigning spaces.

On-air hosts David Jones and Debi Marie attract viewers from around the country by sharing insights and information from top experts on home decorating and home design.

The show entertains and educates viewers by offering innovating home trends, decorating ideas, step-by-step transformations and do-it-yourself projects. As a result, viewers are inspired to solve decorating dilemmas and take on a number of challenges in the area of home improvement. By managing their own projects, viewers can enjoy the spaces in which they work, live and play.

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O2 Media Encourages TV Viewers to Get ‘All Mixed Up’

O2 Media | August, 25, 2014 | by
O2 Media O2 Media invites television viewers across the United States to appreciate world cuisine through the Lifetime Television program, All Mixed Up.

About All Mixed Up

Enjoying its sixth season on Lifetime Television, All Mixed Up by O2 Media features Executive Chef Ralph Pagano and a collection of six culinary students who are vying to be crowned as the grand-prize winner.

Each individual episode is dedicated to a particular theme and features a mixture of surprise ingredients. Each week,

contestants are asked to prepare a dish within 30 minutes, reports O2 Media. All entries are judged in the categories of Presentation, Creativity and Taste by four of the world’s most notable food and culinary experts.

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O2 Media’s The Balancing Act on Lifetime with Dr. David Friedman

O2 Media | February, 21, 2012 | by

The following segment aired on O2 Media’s The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Dr. David Friedman, “The Balancing Act’s” health expert.

O2 Media, The Balancing Act Host, Marybel Rodriguez: According to the USDA, eating vegetables can help reduce the risk of many disease, including heart disease, diabetes, and even some cancers. Unfortunately, less than 30% of Americans eat the recommended daily amount of vegetables. Well, if we’re not going to eat as many as we need to, we should at least make sure what we do eat is the most nutritious, right. We’re in the produce section with Dr. David Friedman, “The Balancing Act’s” heath expert. So, doctor, which vegetables are the healthiest bang for our buck?

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Former NBA Great Alonzo Mourning Visits O2 Media Studios to Talk About Sponsor-A-Student Initiative

O2 Media | February, 20, 2012 | by

Branded Entertainment Pioneers O2 Media are proud to welcome to The Balancing Act, Alonzo “Zo” Harding Mourning Jr., a former professional basketball player who played most of his 15-year NBA career for the Miami Heat. According to O2 Media, Mourning’s tenacity on defense twice earned him the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award and placed him on the NBA All-Defensive Team. He also made a comeback, adds O2 Media, after undergoing a kidney transplant and later won his first NBA Championship with the Heat and on March 30th 2009, he became the first Miami Heat Player to have his number retired. On O2 Media’s ‘The Balancing Act’ Alonzo talked about his latest initiative to come from the Alonzo Mourning Charities—“Sponsor-a-Student.”

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Videos of O2 Media

O2 Media | February, 19, 2012 | by

O2 Media – Toyota Motor Sales Designing Spaces’ Jaymes Vaughan teams up with Erica Gartsbeyn from Toyota to take a look at the new Prius V, and discover the versatility of the first new member of the Prius family.   O2 Media – Davison, Inc We all have great ideas. George Davison, CEO and Founder [...]

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